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2015 Washington Area Wedding Performance Prospectus


Most people know me in the Washington, DC area as 17-year full-time-veteran of the local music scene as well as an original recording artist, singer-songwriter, and entertainer. But, I am known to some solely as “The Wedding Singer” and to a recent few as “The Wedding Emcee,” “Wedding DJ,” and even “The Officiant!” For the last 17 years, I have performed at countless weddings–from the quaint living room service to the rustic country field to the ornate ballroom. I have done it all. Here is a description of my services, in my own words:

Most people hire me for a full 4-6 hour reception. Note: Pricing given below is for 5 hours.

I handle the following duties:

1. Emcee–I can coordinate all introductions, announcements, toasts, etc.
2. DJ–I have over 10,000 Top 40 and Classic/Standard songs. I “DJ” on set breaks, cocktail hour, dinner, etc with background music for every moment in the reception.
3. Live Music–my specialty!
4. Officiating Weddings (Since 2013)
5. Composing Original Songs for Ceremonies/First Dances


I like working personally WITH YOU, the bride and groom (and wedding coordinator, if applicable) in order to formulate a workable reception itinerary that is customized to suit all of your needs and to ensure that on your wedding day you don’t spend a moment fretting over things like: “where is the musician?! It’s time for our first dance!” On your wedding day, you have a ton of people who want to talk to you, dance with you, celebrate with you. You have friends and family who want your photograph and your kisses. Since this all takes place over a few hours, every special moment counts. You should not have to wait to enjoy yourselves, enjoyment should be waiting for you! Rather than having to take time out of YOUR special day to stress over little things, I can worry and stress FOR you. Uncle John wants to sing a song? Let me take care of it! Father wants to make an impromptu surprise? I got his back; and I got YOUR back!

Plus, sometimes, there are unexpected delays–maybe the photographer is waiting for better light; maybe your dress needed a last minute alteration; maybe the minister was late; maybe Mom got stopped by a cop in traffic. With me on the case, you can relax knowing you have an entertainer who can keep everything running smoothly and seamlessly, on all cylinders!

Ted Bride Tambourine 2MAKING THE ITINERARY:

It takes time to devise this itinerary, and you can go crazy with second-guessing. I have even seen the agony of wedding planning lead to arguments between bride and groom–right in front of me! We don’t want that! I have played hundreds of weddings and parties, and I can help make recommendations if you get stuck. But, the reception will be customized JUST FOR  YOU! And, I like to get started with a preliminary meeting, usually in person, within three-to six months time. We can make as many changes as you like up until one week from the reception. Then, it’s all about fine-tuning until 48 hours away. After that, sit back, relax, and Enjoy The Show!

PRICING (valid through for all shows contracted before 12/31/15):

Obviously, wedding receptions take a great deal of planning. This is the one time in my musical career where the show isn’t about me but about you. YOU are the stars of the night, and I do everything I can to make sure you shine as brightly as possible!

My full-Standard Service (w/interview, planning, etc) solo price for live or DJ is $3950* I work under written contract and require 1/3 security deposit at contract signing, or $1650.00.

Band prices range from $4,550* to $8,100*, depending on your preferences and size of band.
Deposit: 1/3 of the total price.

**If you find that these prices are beyond your budget, I do offer other options. For example, to DJ with NO prior planning or meetings or discussions, I can arrive day-of and work from your notes at a five (5) hour rate of $2950 per day—an instant savings of $1000 for those with tighter budget constraints who still seek the best and most trusted name in the area.


On request, I can furnish you with multiple references from super-satisfied past clients–Brides, Grooms, Parents, Wedding Coordinators, and Musicians. I can also supply you with their written testimonials. So far, I’m batting a thousand, and I aim to keep it that way! Please let me know.

I hope you will decide to have me at your wedding as your entertainment. It is my honor and a privilege!

Sincerely Yours,

Ted Garber